The daughter of Karina La Princesita and El Polaco gave the final answer about the pregnancy rumors of Barby Silenzi

When it seemed all was lost Barby Silenzi and The Polish they surprised with their reconciliation. The couple had grown apart for rumors of infidelity And till a controversial audio by Fede Bal – where he invited the musician to a private party with “many women” – had further complicated their relationship. However, they left everything behind and shared photos together again, as if nothing had happened. To such an extent that one of those images woke up versions of a possible pregnancy.

“Is the boy coming?” wrote the tropical artist in a photo of the dancer, where she appears in a bikini from the back. Although for some it was a simple comment, others read those words with a certain mischief and it did not take long to assure that they are expecting another baby.

The dancer shared this photo and received her partner’s comment. (Photo: Instagram / @ barby_silenzi)

While many of his followers are more attentive than ever to the photos that Barby shares to detect if this is indeed true, El Polaco’s eldest daughter -the fruit of his relationship with Karina La Princesita- decided to have the last word on the subject.

Sol Cwirkaluk answered a question about the alleged pregnancy of Barby Silenzi (Photo: Instagram / Barby Silenzi).

Left Cwirkaluk He was encouraged to the trend of the moment and answered a true-false on Instagram. The question about the supposed pregnancy was not long in coming. “Is it true that you are going to have another little brother”, they asked him. “False”, she answered without turning..

Ángel De Brito, another of the celebrities who joined this challenge of the networks, had also advanced that it was all a lie. “I asked Barby and she said she wasn’t pregnant. But what do they think about having another one later, ”remarked the journalist.

The crisis of El Polaco and Barby Silenzi

In December, the driver of Angels in the morning He said that the couple was in crisis. “It has been about a month that it has been The Pole’s cables were crossed, he treats Barby badly, he doesn’t speak to him, he tells him that he wants him to leave. But to the days he says ‘it was a joke, don’t go, I love being with the family’. The relationship is kind of toxic. The two main jealousies were Francisco Delgado -ex de Silenzi- on the one hand, and Natalie Perez for the other, “he commented on his eltrece.

The journalist acknowledged that the dancer thought about moving permanently in the face of so much disappointment and exhaustion: “As she was in love and he told her every so often that he loved her, that he did not know what had happened to her, that the cables got crossed, they were back together. They fixed themselves as if nothing had happened. But the relationship was getting worse. At one point he told her ‘I’ve been telling you for a month that we’re no longer together and you’re still here (at my house). You have to go ‘. This was one day like this and the next ‘I love you, stay’ “.

The singer and the dancer are already parents of Abril. (Photo: Instagram / @ elpolaco)

Another issue that would have bothered Silenzi are the rumors that they linked their partner with Sofía Pachano, his companion of MasterChef Celebrity. As if that were not enough, later the name of Natalie Pérez was added, who replaced him in reality when he was infected with coronavirus.

The final trigger was the audio that Fede Bal sent the musician, where he invited him very mischievously to a private party at his house and remarked that they were going to be surrounded by women in the pool.


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