The director forced Haifa to wear pants

Tomorrow, the Egyptian television will broadcast a recorded dialogue with the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe on the sidelines of her concert, which she held last Thursday in the North Coast, where the dialogue is being conducted by one of the announcers of the Good Morning Egypt programme.

A source on Egyptian TV said: “Haifa Wehbe appeared during the ceremony in shorts, but during the television interview, it seems that the director forced her to wear trousers because it was forbidden to look at the viewers on Egyptian television wearing hot shorts, which made her go to her room, to wear trousers, and indeed she went to her room and wore black pants.”

Tomorrow, Haifa Wehbe is scheduled to speak in the morning dialogue about her return to concerts in Egypt, in addition to the last duet that star Akram Hosni collected “If I were”, which achieved great success on the social media, in addition to talking about new Haifa during the coming period.

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Haifa Wehbe’s concert topped the trend with more than one shot, including singing the last duet with Akram Hosni for the first time on stage.

Among the clips that also caught the audience’s attention was Haifa Wehbe’s call to festivals singer Hamo Beka, echoing the words of admiration for him and his videos, asking everyone not to make fun of him because he was angry about that.

As for the new works that Haifa Wehbe is preparing, Haifa is waiting for her new movie “Ghosts of Europe” to come out after its producer, Mohamed Waziri, was imprisoned, and the film is attended by a large number of artists, including Ahmed El-Fishawy, Arwa Gouda, Mustafa Khater, Bayoumi Fouad and Abbas Abul-Hassan, Bassem Samra. Directed by Mohamed Hamaki.


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