The discreet “Luxembourg residence” of the Swiss telecom operator Salt Mobile

As part of OpenLux, this survey launched by French daily decoders The world on the hidden face of Luxembourg, here is the “image marked by fiscal patriotism” of Xavier Niel. The founder of Free SAS, a subsidiary of the Iliad group and a mobile telephone operator which is one of the main internet access providers in France, would not be so attached to the “national anchoring” that he has always defended.

The “Matterhorn” in the air

What border would he have crossed, then? Answer: the Swiss border. The OpenLux survey indeed cites the example of “Salt Mobile, which entered the Niel galaxy in 2015. The Swiss telecoms operator is controlled by NJJ, its personal investment vehicle, distinct from Iliad, through“ a succession of four Luxembourg companies ”with sometimes evocative mountain names:“ OCH Financing, OCH AT Holding, Matterhorn Telecom Holding and Matterhorn Telecom. A surprising set of Russian dolls for a Swiss group owned by a French owner. ”

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