The doctors: “We are the oldest victims of the cancel culture”

Ka German band has been censored more often. Canceled, as they say today. Now the doctors are back. The big talk about what you can still sing. About gays in the AfD, the world conspiracy and personal hygiene.

WORLD: In the past, what is now called “Cancel Culture” came from the right, conservatives didn’t like “Claudia” from the doctors. Today, more conservatives claim that the bans come more from the left. You used to like to max it out, didn’t you?

Farin Urlaub: Yes. But the indexes have also made us more skilled.

Beautiful B: No. We made our songs about sex with animals and incest. Then that was checked.

WORLD: When you last released your complete oeuvre, more than 40 hours of music on 33 albums, I noticed a few oddities when it comes to censorship and self-censorship.


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