The dollar index is down.. The dollar records a new decline at the end of today’s trading in the Central Bank and banks operating in Egypt

register dollar price During today’s transactions, there was a noticeable decline against the Egyptian pound during transactions in the Central Bank and various banks operating in Egypt, as the decline came at the end of trading today, Tuesday, September 28, 2021, and today’s transactions at the Central Bank recorded, at the dollar level, a price of 15.64 pounds for purchase and 15.77 pounds. EGP for sale, while the average prices during trading today recorded 15.65 EGP for purchase and 14.75 EGP for sale, at the level of transactions of banks operating in Egypt.

US dollar index

With regard to the US dollar index, today’s trading ended, with an increase in the US currency index by 0.66%, and thus the green currency recorded its highest level over the past three weeks, as the unexpected rise in retail sales data in August pushed it away Investors are not taking risks, especially as this increases the chances of the Federal Reserve going to reduce the volume of its bond purchases earlier, compared to what is expected.

These developments also caused the euro index to close this week with a decline of 0.75%, and thus it recorded its lowest level in a month, and this coincides with the losses recorded by US stocks on a weekly basis, especially since investors have already begun to reveal the decrease The early phasing out of the Fed’s asset purchase program, during the upcoming FOMC meeting, as well as the impact of the regulatory crackdown from China.

US dollar index

The loss of the Standard & Poor’s S & P 500 index, according to reports issued, was about 0.57%, and therefore it is falling to its lowest level in a month. with a value of 0.07%.

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