The drop in the price of gold this evening, Wednesday, 2-26 2020 … I know how much it is in grams

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Gold prices witnessed, today, Wednesday, the twenty-sixth of February 2020, gold prices fell during evening dealings in the local market, as it recorded 21 caliber, which is the best-selling in Egypt, about 712 pounds per gram, down from the price of 724 pounds, after witnessing the international price An ounce of gold fell significantly over the past hours globally, to $ 1638, after recording $ 1657.10 an ounce earlier in trading.

Gold price drop this evening, Wednesday, 2-26 2020 .. I know the gram size 1Gold price drop this evening, Wednesday, 2-26 2020 .. I know the gram size 1

Gold prices today in local markets

  • Caliber 24: Record about 814 pounds per gram.
  • Caliber 22: Record about 746 pounds per gram.
  • Caliber 21: Record about 712 pounds per gram.
  • 18k: Record about 610 pounds per gram.
  • Gold Pound: Record about 5.696 pounds.
  • International price of an ounce: Record about 1638 dollars.

The price of spot gold delivery decreased by “0.07%”

At the global level, the prices of the yellow metal turned down by about $ 12, during trading today, Wednesday, with the rise of the US currency amid anticipation of the effects of the new virus, “Corona”, and the price of gold futures for April delivery fell by “0.7%”, as the delivery price fell The immediate spot for gold is about “0.07%”, at $ 1633.67 an ounce, after recording an increase at $ 1655 during an earlier trading session.

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Factors that control the price of gold

It is mentioned that there are a group of factors that control the price of gold in Egypt, summarized in the factor of the ounce of gold at the global level, and the factor of supply and demand, and the factor of changes that occur on the price of the American currency, and these rules must be observed on a daily basis when determining prices, as the price of gold in Egypt , It may change over the course of one day more than once, due to the global changes witnessed by gold prices, and the price changes of the dollar in banks and official banks in Egypt.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
Unit The price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber 815 to 817
22 caliber 747 to 749
21 caliber 713 to 715
18-gauge 611 to 613
Caliber 14 475 to 477
12-gauge 407 to 409
The ounce 25,342 to 25,413
Pound of gold 5,704 to 5,720
Kilo 814,857 to 817,143
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith to another


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