The elimination of Le Mans by Châteaubriant and the other results of the sixth round – Fil Info – Coupe de France

This Saturday, a first salvo of matches of the sixth round of the Coupe de France took place in the amateur lane. The logic was generally respected except for the defeat of Le Mans (National) on the lawn of Châteaubriant (N2). Resident of R1, AS Marck came close to the feat against Saint-Quentin (1-1, 6-7 in tabs). Note that overseas, a 32nd final has already been played: the Franciscan Club overcame the Guyanese of US Sinnamary (1-1, 3-1 at the tabs). The Martinaquais thus qualify for the round of 16, when pros and amateurs will cross swords for the first time in this singular season.

Results of the sixth round of the Coupe de France

FC Libourne (N3) 7-1 SC Saint-Jean-d’Angély (R1)
Les Genêts d’Anglet (N3) 4-0 CS Feytiat (R1)
– ES La Rochelle (R1) 1-3 Rowing Bayonnais FC(N3)
Chateaubriant (N2) 1-0 Le Mans FC (N)
Bourges 18 (N2) 3-2 Bourges Foot (N2)
– ASC Biesheim (N3) 0-6 SC Schiltigheim(N2)
– AC Blainville Damelevières (R2) 0-7 CSO Amnéville (N3)
– AS Marck (R1) 1-1 (6-7 aux t.a.b.) Olympic Saint-Quentin (N2)
– Évreux FC (N3) 0-2 US Avranches (N)
– Sainte-Geneviève Sports (N2) 1-2 US Créteil Lusitanos (N)
– Roanne AS (R3) 1-4 Rhône Valleys FC (R1)
– FC Bourgoin-Jallieu (N3) 1-4 FC Annecy (N)


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