The English Premier League’s top scorer.. Cristiano Ronaldo’s return ignites the third round

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to the Premier League from Manchester United, giving the current season’s top scorer’s streak with added excitement.

The past years witnessed a state of competition between a number of Premier League stars, winning the Golden Boot award and the Premier League top scorer.

But Ronaldo, who naturally missed United’s first two matches in the competition, will also not be present in the team’s third round meeting.

It is likely that Ronaldo will play his first match in the United shirt during his second trip with the team, against Newcastle after the end of the international break.

Ronaldo’s continued absence represents an opportunity for the competition’s players to score more goals, and move as far as possible to the top of the competition’s top scorer.

English Premier League top scorers for the 2021-2022 season

  • Michel Antonio – 3 goals
  • Bruno Fernandes – 3 goals
  • Said Ben Rahma – two goals
  • Diego Jota – 2 goals
  • Danny Ings – 2 goals

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