The Englishwoman killed in Novo Selo worked for a famous law firm

A second British citizen died in Bulgaria in less than a year, one has disappeared

The Englishwoman who was killed a few days ago in Novo Selo, Tarnovo, has long worked for one of the 10 largest law firms in the world. British media revealed that the deceased was an employee of Clifford Chance.

Her name is Roxanne-Jolin Tina Diane Eyre. English friends call her Tina, and among her Bulgarian neighbors she was known as Roxy.

A 26-year-old man from Gorna Oryahovitsa was detained for the murder, with whom she allegedly had an intimate relationship some time ago. Initial inspections at the crime scene show that the woman was probably repeatedly hit with a shovel. The young man arrested for the death was found in the yard of her house by neighbors. He

dug big

hole in which

probably thought

to hide the corpse

Tina, 62, bought a house in Bulgaria in 2017 after retiring. She has worked for an international law firm for 17 years, most recently in Hong Kong. She held the position of legal secretary, and her duty was to prepare the documentation in various cases.

“It simply came to our notice then. The family still can’t accept him, “Jacqueline Gresham, the victim’s cousin, told The Sun. According to her, Tina moved from Hong Kong to Bulgaria to realize her dream of having an animal farm.

She raised dogs and piglets and participated in animal protection campaigns. Because of their care, she did not return to the UK often, but regularly kept in touch with her mother via Facebook. Tina was divorced, as were her parents.

Now her father Tony is trying to quickly get an international passport and travel to Bulgaria. He wants to find out on the spot from the police

what exactly is it

happened to his daughter

and to take her body home. The British Foreign Office told relatives that it did not yet have official information about her death.

The only information they received was from other Englishmen living in our country. Some of them also took part in the capture of the 26-year-old Roma. Seeing them coming to Tina’s house, he escaped and was later found by police at the home of a lonely elderly man in the village.

A representative of the British Foreign Office announced that they would support the family of the British citizen killed in Bulgaria in any way. This is the second violent death of a citizen of the United Kingdom in less than a year.

In August, a Scottish artist was shot dead in the capital’s Dragalevtsi district. The body of 54-year-old Andy Forsythe was found, wrapped in sacks, in the garage of his Bulgarian girlfriend. The 40-year-old


Maneva came to life

with him after

split up

with a wife

you are an Indian

He is the suspect in Forsythe’s murder, but when the police start looking for him, it turns out that he has already left Bulgaria.

Neighbors say they saw him wandering around his ex-wife’s house days before the murder. However, no one heard anything on the fatal August 15. Maneva finds the lifeless Forsythe in the garage and calls the police. It turns out that he was shot 5 times in the chest and back.

“It is difficult to accept that our friend was killed. He was a man with a big and generous heart. He willingly donated his time to others and brought a lot of joy to many with his art and writing “, his friends point out.

Together with his daughters, they organized an action to raise 8,000 pounds to return Andy Forsythe’s body and bury it in his home village of Ankrum, as he wished. Before arriving in Bulgaria last year, the artist was in Turkey. He previously traveled to Canada for work.

In search of a calmer and cheaper life in Bulgaria comes 35-year-old James Robinson, who has been missing for 10 months. He bought a house at the beginning of last year in the Lilyashka Mogila area near Vratsa. While repairing it, he lives in the caravan in front of her.

However, his relatives in England lost contact with him on May 7. They report it to the police and the search begins. It turns out that

for the last time

seen on May 11,

when he leaves

the hospital

in Vratsa,

where he was treated for a head injury in a fall. After that, however, his traces are lost. The British police several times appealed that they were looking for information about him and contacts with other British people living in Bulgaria who could help in the search for him. A special Facebook page “Help us find James Robinson” has been created, but so far all efforts have been in vain.


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