The entire Russian government resigns after announcing Putin constitutional changes in his speech

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev announced on Wednesday the full resignation of his Executive immediately after President Vladimir Putin delivered his 16th speech to the two Houses of Parliament. In his speech Putin has announced profound constitutional changes, including provide the Legislature with greater powers vis-à-vis the Presidency and limit only two terms which may be the head of State at the head of the country.

According to Medvedev, “the president marked a series of fundamental changes in the Constitution” and, once adopted, “the balance of powers of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial will be modified.” The newly resigned head of the Government has also explained that “to allow the president to make all the necessary decisions in order to implement his plan, the current Government resigns in accordance with article 117 of the Russian Constitution”.

Likewise, Putin has asked Medvedev and the ministers to continue in their posts until the formation of a new Cabinet and thanked them for their work. «I want to express my satisfaction with the results obtained«, He pointed out during a meeting held on Wednesday with the members of the Executive.

The head of the Kremlin has also declared that he intends to propose to Medvedev for the position of vice president of the Security Council, an advisory body in charge of issues related to the defense and security of the country, functions that the resigned prime minister has accepted.

One of the changes that Putin has proposed during his speech has been that of strengthen parliamentary powers, having in charge from now on the appointment of the prime minister and the rest of the members of the Executive, without the president of the country having such a possibility of veto. As it happens now. This would mean for many analysts that the current head of state looks again, as happened between 2008 and 2012, in the position of head of the Government.

Many candidates are being considered to be appointed as head of the Russian Government, from the current mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobianin, to the head of Economy, Dmitri Oreshkin. After occupying the Presidency of the country for four years, between 2008 and 2012, Medvedev was appointed by Putin Prime Minister. The position of the head of the Government is of great importance in Russia, since, in case something happens to him president, it would be he who would assume the power of interim form until the call of presidential elections.

Experts predict that the constitutional changes suggested on Wednesday by Putin would take place this year and the legislative elections, scheduled for the autumn of 2021, would be advanced to an undetermined date.



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