The escort of the queen of Thailand who captured the eyes for a detail that stood out in her legs | News from El Salvador

The image has been considered a true scandal worldwide and has caused outrage for its meaning.

The escort of the Queen of Thailand, Suthida, achieved something very unusual: stealing all the media attention. His image has quickly gone viral, although unfortunately it was due to an embarrassing detail.

Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a Scottish journalist, is responsible for this media boom that has caused a tremendous scandal and has generated a shower of criticism for the monarchy of that country.

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Photo: Twitter

The photograph was captured during an official ceremony. Suthida, wife of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, was at a tribute to the kings.

In the image you can see Suthida greeting people and in the background the escort appears with her knees obviously dirty and somewhat injured.

“When your job requires you to spend much of your time on your knees,” was the message that Marshall wrote in the commented image.

In Thailand it is an obligation that all palace employees must always be on their knees before the king or queen, who are considered as demigods.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

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As expected, the image has caused the rejection of Internet users who have strongly criticized the customs of the royalty of Thailand.

Protests in Thailand

The opposition on Monday called for the resignation of the prime minister for the first time since the protests in Thailand began, while thousands of protesters gathered in front of the German embassy, ​​a gesture of defiance to the king who frequently visits that country.

Demonstrations in Thailand, which have been taking to the streets for more than three months, demand the departure of Prayut Chan-O-Cha, who has been in power since the 2014 coup and was legitimized by controversial elections last year.

They also ask for a revision of the Constitution, and a reform of the powerful and very rich monarchy, a taboo subject until recently.

“I am aware of these demands (…) and several issues are now being worked on,” replied Prayut Chan-O-Cha before the parliamentarians, without providing further details or a timetable.

But on Saturday night he had stated: “I will not resign,” ignoring a three-day ultimatum given to him by pro-democracy activists.

Prasert Jantararuangthong, Secretary General of Pheu Thai, the largest opposition party, asked in Parliament “General Prayut Chan-o-Cha to resign from his post as Head of Government. This will solve all the problems and make it possible not to destroy the country even more ”.

Several more calls for resignation came in the chamber from different opposition parties.

Unprecedented challenge to the monarchy

Parliament meets on Monday and Tuesday for an extraordinary session devoted to the crisis engendered by the protest in the street for more than three months to demand more democracy.

The Government asked the deputies and senators to study some concentrations that they consider “illegal”, because they would have supposed an attack against the monarchy.

On October 14, dozens of protesters had raised three fingers as Queen Suthida’s car and the crown prince passed by, a gesture of resistance and an unprecedented challenge to the monarchy in Thailand.

Following this incident, three militants are being investigated for “violence against the queen” and risk life imprisonment.

In total, 84 people have been investigated since October 13 under “very vague and political” assumptions, Amnesty International lamented in a statement.


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