The expenses of the general secretary remain hidden

QUÉBEC | The opacity continues at the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF), where expenditure and audit reports remain hidden, which is contrary to the transparency rules adopted after the controversy surrounding the management of its former secretary general Michaëlle Jeans.

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A policy adopted in 2018 by the member states and governments of the OIF requires the disclosure of several documents, including external and internal audit reports as well as the expenses of the office of the current Secretary General, Louise Mushikiwabo.

From the start of Mushikiwabo, the organization released several documents, as required by the new rules.

The basic remuneration of the Secretary General, ie $ 275,000, was thus made public for the first time on the OIF website in 2019. The financial statements for 2018, M’s last financial yearme Jean, have also been published.

No trace, however, of the annual reports of the external auditor or the internal auditor, both for the last completed year, 2019, and for previous ones. The findings in these documents have sometimes been embarrassing in the past for leaders.


Before leaving hastily in October, the former administrator Catherine Cano nevertheless affirmed, during a visit to Montreal, that the external auditor had certified the financial statements for the year 2019.

Mme Cano had reported a recovery in the finances of the OIF, after two years of consecutive deficits totaling $ 7 million.

The administrator, who according to the OIF would have resigned because of “disagreements”, had to tighten expenses, especially for travel.


Oria Vande Weghe, porte-parole de Mme Mushikiwabo, refused to respond to requests from our Bureau of Investigation for the most recent documents.

” We prefer […] refer you to our website where all our activities are relayed, and this in the greatest transparency, ”she replied.

However, a careful review of the available documents reveals the absence of verification and audit reports.

The expenses of Mme Mushikiwabo are also nowhere to be found.

In 2017, Mme Jean, the former Governor General of Canada, has found herself at the center of a controversy over spending half a million dollars to fit out her official apartment and rising travel costs.

The office of Secretary General Louise Mushikiwabo refused our requests for documents.

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