The FA questions Álvaro Delgado for “petty electoral calculations” and “pressure” not to vote for the trust in Canelones | the daily

Only with the 20 votes of the Broad Front, on Tuesday night the Canelones Departmental Board failed the project that enabled the Mayor to contract a loan for 80 million dollars to carry out works in the department. Until the last moment two positions were pending: that of the mayor Alberto Costa, of the Colorado Party, who had expressed his favorable position to the creation of a trust for works; and that of list 33 of the National Party, led by the deputy of the department Sebastián Andújar (Fresh Air), who has two councilors on the Board, and on Monday night he had expressed himself in accordance with some conditions, which had been accepted by the Canarian commune. These votes were key, since a special majority of 21 councilors was needed to approve the authorization.

The opposition votes were absent, and the Broad Front and the Canelones Intendancy question the Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Álvaro Delgado, for “pressuring” the councilors not to vote on the loan. Francisco Legnani, general secretary of the commune, wrote this Wednesday on Twitter that the Presidency “pressured the councilors of Canelones not to vote on the loan” and criticized that “due to petty electoral calculations, the entire Canarian population is taken hostage.” .

In the tweet he posted a video of an interview with Underlined to the mayor of list 33 Alejandro Repetto, who at first seemed to argue in favor of the loan approval. The seat said that his sector “did everything possible seeking a rapprochement with the Intendancy and the national government, to work for the good of the day after the pandemic”, and that the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, “has created trusts for sanitation, for housing, and we thought it was a possible tool ”. Repetto added that the alternative of trusts “if it is good for here, it is good for the other departments”, but ended by explaining that “as a party, at the request of Secretary Álvaro Delgado, we are going to act as a party, as a bloc, and we are going to have a unique position; we are not going to vote on it ”.

The reference to the trust tool is also due to the fact that the sector has proposed that the Broad Front support the trust projects presented by the white municipalities in Río Negro and Rocha.

Former Montevideo mayor Christian Di Candia also questioned the position of the government coalition. “Works that the department needed, backed by mayors from all parties. The palatial pressures appeared under the slogan of the worse, the better ”.

The broad front Susana Muñiz, former Minister of Public Health and former President of the State Health Services Administration, also questioned that the trust for works has not been approved.

Andújar: “They are difficult decisions to make”

The white deputy Andújar spoke this Wednesday at a press conference and was asked about the lack of votes for the trust in Canelones: “They are difficult decisions to make, interpreting what is convenient and inconvenient; It was convenient to understand the future financial health of an administration that has already been dragging significant debt and can mortgage services; convenient to have resources for works. The decision was not easy, in our case we are part of a party and the project that governs the country; we made the decision not to accept this debt plan and try to work on other options that are viable to achieve what you need ”.

Andújar denied that the vote of his sector has been “neither determined nor mandated” from the Presidency: “we have autonomy,” he added. He also rejected that this is part of an electoral dispute between the FA and the coalition, because “the election is a long way off” and what is relevant “were the policies to be applied now; I do not share that the issue of the elections plays a part, nor that the National Party in Canelones has been mandated by electoral circumstances ”.

Mayor of San Ramón: “A contradiction”

Meanwhile, the mayors of several municipalities are expectant about how the Intendancy will be able to implement the planned works without the approval of the trust. It is that in addition to departmental works, the trust anticipated the investment of 37 million dollars for the consolidation of neighborhoods (pavement, lighting and conditioning of public spaces) in nine municipalities of Canelones, with front-wide and nationalist governments.

Gonzalo Melogno, mayor of San Ramón and member of list 33 led by Andújar, told the daily that now they are waiting for “how the commune is going to reorganize the way of carrying out the works”, “because one thing is to have that trust and another thing is not to have it.”

He noted that the decision of his sector “was a party decision, en bloc.” “What can affect each municipality is in the amount that was going to be assigned to each one; We have to see that the works are also in the territory, which I think is what is going to happen, ”he said.

In a personal capacity, he said that it is “a contradiction, obviously,” the decision that his party made on the Board. “The party, the sector, consulted the mayors who are governing and asked our opinion, I expressed my opinion. Particularly in the territory I am governing for the Canarian citizenship, which what they want is works and that they are carried out. All that depends on a municipal government, “he said, adding that his opinion on the loan” was favorable. ”

“I am to defend the neighbor and that works are done; if the instrument is a loan, an endorsement for the application for a loan, my support would be there, because the quality of life of the neighbors is at stake ”, he deepened.

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