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[Epoch Times October 15, 2021](Interviewed by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning and Li Yun) The 2021 China district and county people’s congress general elections are coming soon.Since October 15th, from social celebrities to ordinary citizens have announced that they will run for the electionNPC deputies. Beijing human rights activist Ye Jinghuan, as well as the 709 lawyer Li Heping’s wife Wang Qiaoling and Wang Quanzhang’s wife Li Wenzu, and others have expressed their candidacy for the election and become a deputies to the people’s congress that the common people can find.

Together with the above 3 persons, a total of 14 persons jointly signed and published the “Beijing 14 Independent CandidatesJoint declaration”。

Beijing human rights activist Ye Jinghuan, who had failed to run for two consecutive elections to the National People’s Congress, told The Epoch Times on the 15th that she had been suppressed in the first two elections, and that the first time she participated was violently suppressed and beaten by uniformed police; the second time she participated in the election. During the election, the government encouraged street neighborhood committee personnel and plainclothes police to chase, chase and intercept their 14 candidates.

“Encircle our homes and our yards. We are not allowed to go to crowded places to get votes. Foreign media reporters who interviewed there were also chased and intercepted.” But Ye Jinghuan said that she is not afraid of power and will continue to be independent this year. Candidates stand for election.

She said: “I want to run for the National People’s Congress because my family was demolished. During the long-term rights protection process, I encountered various problems. I deeply feel that the people living at the grassroots level communicated with the government, people’s congresses, courts, procuratorates and other departments. Difficult. I want to find a personal representative to report the situation. Because the people’s congress still has certain powers, at least they can talk to people in government departments.”

“But in reality, I feel that the NPC deputies are getting farther and farther away from us. I often look for NPC deputies through various channels, hoping that they can help me report problems to the government and relevant parties, but I can’t see them at all. The police guard us hard. If someone goes to the NPC deputies, they will be arrested or even detained.”

Ye Jinghuan said, “In recent years, it’s even more strange. People’s congress deputies have been restricted to their personal freedom when they come to Beijing for meetings. They are not allowed to leave the hotel, they are not allowed to go shopping, and they are not allowed to meet friends. This was the case last year. We found it funny. We were originally guarded, but now deputies to the National People’s Congress are guarded.”

“The policy adopted by the country is to separate us from the deputies of the National People’s Congress. Now the general election of deputies to the district and county people’s congresses has begun every five years. I have a strong desire to be a deputies to the National People’s Congress! I am willing to act for the common people. Talk and do things.” Ye Jinghuan said.

Li Hairong, a farmer in Shibalidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, said that because of the unfair demolition by the local government, he had no results in defending his rights for ten years, and there was no way to find a deputies to the National People’s Congress.

“I especially want to be a representative of the People’s Congress that others can find.” Li Hairong said.

Wang Qiaoling: Be a representative of the People’s Congress who can be found

On October 15th, Wang Qiaoling, the wife of Li Heping, a lawyer in the 709 case, also told the Epoch Times reporter why she was running for the National People’s Congress today.

She said, “In the past six years, in the struggle for rights protection in the 709 case, we have encountered many unlawful and unfair treatments, including being forced to move, children being dropped out of school, and passports denied… We are looking for help from the National People’s Congress. Relevant departments report the situation, but there is no NPC deputies in life.”

Wang Qiaoling said that he is deeply aware of the difficulties in communicating with the Department of Public Security, Procuratorate and Justice. “In the fall of 2021, the five-year elections for deputies to the district and county people’s congresses will begin. I have a strong desire. The NPC deputies who got it did not say that they had no address or phone number, and they only lived on the TV.”

She said that she is a legal person qualified as a lawyer, but she did not pay much attention to the election of deputies to the People’s Congress in the past. In 2016, her friend Ye Jinghuan’s declaration for election to the National People’s Congress stated that she “cannot find a National People’s Congress representative, so I want to be a representative of the National People’s Congress”. This resonated with her, so she decided to participate in this year’s National People’s Congress. Representative election.

Wang Qiaoling also disclosed in a tweet that as soon as the content of her candidacy as an independent candidate was sent out this year, a call came in. It’s a Hong Kong number, it’s probably for an interview. “However, I tried my best to’hey hey hey’ on the phone, but I couldn’t hear the other person’s voice.’Very intimate’, the official warning message was sent in less than ten seconds…”

The screenshot released by Wang Qiaoling showed that China Unicom reminded, “The call you just answered is an overseas call. Please distinguish it. To prevent risks, please reply to 9.”

Li Wenzu: Be a NPC representative who can be found

Wang Quanzhang’s wife, Li Wenzu, told The Epoch Times that she will run as an independent candidate this year.

She said, “My running for the National People’s Congress this year has a lot to do with my experience, because I have experienced the 709 case of rights protection struggle. During the six years of rights protection, I have experienced many things. For example, we don’t have a stable residence. Every time I rented a house, I was forced to move, and then my child was kicked out of the school four times, three times were denied passports, and my husband was secretly missing for more than 3 years…”

Li Wenzu said, “I felt the difficulties in communicating with the Public Prosecution and Justice Department in the process of searching for my husband. I wanted to ask representatives of the National People’s Congress to report the situation to the relevant departments. Experience it, so this fall, the general elections for the district and county people’s congress deputies have begun… I have a strong desire to be a deputies to the people’s congress who can be found by others and who can do practical things for the voters and tell the truth with all my heart.”

The 709 case refers to the arrest and harassment of more than 300 lawyers and legal assistants by the CCP police in more than 20 provinces and cities around July 9, 2015. 709 lawyers were revoked by the authorities and their source of income was cut off. Their family members were also harassed and forced to evict, and even their children were implicated and prevented from going to school or going abroad.

Fu Zhenghua, then Deputy Minister of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, was considered to be the leader in the 709 arrests. On October 2 this year, Fu Zhenghua fell.

Cheng Hai, a lawyer in the 709 case, told The Epoch Times that many people think that deputies to the National People’s Congress are nothing but a vase, and therefore they abandon the election of deputies to the National People’s Congress. This is where China’s problem lies. If everyone is like Wang Qiaoling, Li Wenzu and Ye Jing Huan and others fought for votes, and China will not be far off towards democratic constitutionalism.

Cheng Hai said, “Your one vote is to fight for your own voice, participation and decision-making power. If you still lose your vote, it is equivalent to throwing away your political decision-making power and voting power. People who vote. In fact, your abstention means that you voted and acquiesced. This problem is so serious.”

He pointed out that some people demand democracy, oppose dictatorship, and oppose totalitarian leadership, but he does not vote against it. This is the biggest misunderstanding of many Chinese, and it is also the result of brainwashing. If many people vote, the situation will change.

“In fact, voting is very simple. If you have the ability, you can run for NPC deputies. If you don’t have the ability, you should support those who are willing to speak for the people to compete for NPC deputies. If it doesn’t work, you’ll vote against it.” Cheng Hai said, “If everyone Recognizing these, the whole people actively participate in elections to exercise the right to vote for one person, one vote, and democracy in China has actually been realized.”

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