The famous page opens the other side to build a dam during the rainy season. Don’t need to do it

in which the sediments contain mineralssludge storage weirupstream is to interrupt the natural mineral transfer process. causing the downstream area to lack fertility If there are aquatic animals in the stream Aquatic animals have difficulty crossing the dam again. not only that If you go to look at other posts The page also claims that the activities you do are a succession of your work.Sueb Nakhasathien which you spy never supported these activities

In addition, the page used to provide a simple summary as well.
1. natural forestuninhabited Weirs only have negative effects on the ecosystem.
2. Natural forest inhabited by people During the dry season, temporary weirs may be built from wood or stone. but must be dismantled when the dry season is over in order to restore balance to the stream ecosystem But it’s best to have a mountain water supply, a well, or a water well separated without disturbing the stream.

3. Weir with holes for water to flow through and overflow weirs without holes. As a result, the water level was raised as well. and making it difficult for animals to pass through too.
4. Weirs made of non-natural materials can cause toxic contaminants
5. Streams have a type that has water flowing all the time. and the way the water flows in season varies from place to place nothing is better Nature was created according to evolution.

6. There are many types of forests, some with dense trees. Some types of trees are not dense. Geographical factors determine the type and number of trees in the forest. Some forests are always green. Some forests are green for some time. There is no better Nature was created according to evolution as well.
7. Forests destroyed, wildfires or bald mountains No need to plant trees Because it will cause ecological change, we just have to wait for the time, the forest will recover itself.

The famous page opens the other side to build a dam during the rainy season.

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