The famous page reveals that the hospital in Songkhla asks for cooperation. Astra vaccination up to 13 doses.

The famous page revealed that the hospital in Songkhla asked to suck the vaccine.astraSenneca Get 13 doses to present the results to the Ministry of Public Health, although the Department of Disease Control can only inject 11-12 doses.

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June 9, 64 page Doctor, please complain- AggressiveDoctor Revealing a picture from the line room of a group of hospital staff in Songkhla province with the message that Asking for cooperation from the staff to suck the vaccineastraSenneca Aspirated with genuine syringe insulin and asked to aspirate 13 doses of vaccine only, consulted with the provincial public health physician.

The message states that, if possible, at the end of the fiscal year will bring the results of this hospital to submit to the Ministry of Health

by that page Write a questionnaire saying Okay, where’s the standard?

Reporters reported that earlier Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control came out to reveal One bottle of AstraZeneca vaccine can be injected 11-12 vials using special needles called Low Dead Space Syringes, reducing wastage of vaccine in the tip of the tube. We train nurses to pull vaccines as well. with precision drug extraction techniques In the past, he was able to draw 11-12 doses per bottle, which is normal.

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