Marcelo barticciotto, former player of Colo Colo, moved when referring to the result of the entry Plebiscite for a new Constitution that our country experienced today.

At around 10 p.m., with the overwhelming result in favor of the approval already defined, the former coach of the ‘Cacique’ used his social networks to summarize what the day was for him.

“I was not born here, I did not grow up here, I did not grow up here, I did not go to school here, I reached 21 years old and I began to know this country, I made it mine,” Barticciotto commented.

“I learned about its history, I began to love its people, its people, and I knew that nothing justifies a dictatorship, and that there should be no traces of it”added the retired player.

“ACC (Approve Constituent Convention)”, closed the ‘Barti’, in a message widely applauded by his followers.