the fast food chain is going to be a hit with this burger!

After the new veggie burger McPlant, the large chain of fast-food McDonald’s has concocted a new sandwich for the year 2021. And it is likely to be a hit.

A new burger that arrives after novelties that have panicked the web

This is the kind of promising news that makes us want to definitely turn the page on 2020 and start the week well. McDonald’s releases a brand new burger next year. And no, this is not the McPlant that we have known for a few days, the recipe of which is freaking out all vegetarians.


Nor is it the McBaguette that has delighted all baguette aficionados when he returned in recent days. It is therefore a new burger absolutely amazing and delicious and that will drive McDonald’s lovers crazy

A Crispy New Chicken Deal from McDonald’s

The American fast-food giant wanted to please chicken lovers. So after the nuggets and the McChicken, McDonalds wanted to mark the occasion. The brand wanted to relaunch its famous spicy nuggets in the United States, and it will create an incredible burger with crispy chicken in just a few weeks.

New burger at McDonald's
New burger at McDonald’s

This burger has not yet found its name, but we already know what it will contain. It will indeed consist of crispy chicken, a potato pancake, pickles and a sauce still unknown and kept secret.

Unfortunately for those in a hurry, it will be necessary to wait until 2021 since the burger will only be released next year. We also hope that France will be one of the countries that will have the chance to taste this burger which promises to be incredible. It would be a shame if we couldn’t taste it.

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