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“The Legend of Garena” has reached its fifth anniversary since its launch in 2016. To thank the players for their support along the way, “Legend of the Legend” launched a series of 5th anniversary activities, providing rich gifts and cross-border activities, and all players Welcome the arrival of the fifth anniversary together.

“League of Legends” celebrates its fifth birthday this month, and many heroes and players have created many unforgettable memories together. This year, new heroes Xingkui, Yige, Wuji and Yaya have come to the legendary battlefield, with the new “Battlefield 4.0”, bringing more different changes to the legendary duel.

A number of collaborations have also been launched-Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Byakuya and Hisugaya Tosushiro in “BLEACH”, as well as the classic characters in “One Punch Man” have all appeared in the fifth year. , Continue to create good memories with players.

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On the fifth anniversary of October 31st, “Legend of Duel” will give a styling gift. Players can log in on the same day to get the “Dirac Infinite CEO” styling for free.

The “Legend Girl Team Trial Series” that started last year has finally ended. The virtual idol group “WaVe” composed of four legendary heroines Su Li, Diao Chan, Lilian, and Ye Na officially debuted with their first single “Ride On” “The song expresses the spirit of the women’s team members who are not afraid to hinder the brave pursuit of their dreams. Legend has it that the women’s team WaVe will also bring its first performance on the GCS finals stage on October 31. Please look forward to it!

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Not only the legendary goddess voted for the fifth anniversary of this year, the official also held the “Legendary Male God Trial”. Many legendary heroes compete for the 2021 legendary male god. The winners will enter the next stage of the styling design competition. And invite players to design handsome looks for popular heroes.

In the end, special works are born, which not only can get exquisite gifts, but also have the opportunity to become the in-game modeling of the legend duel, and shine in the legendary battlefield.

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In addition to the rich activities in the game, in addition to the game, the “First Legend Showdown Gold Star Award Ceremony” was launched, inviting live hosts, audiovisual and graphic creators related to the legend showdown to join in the grand event. Thank them for their dedication and companionship along the way. .

The Legendary Showdown Gold Star Award includes a number of awards such as Popularity Award, Creative Diligence Award, and Creative Achievement Award. The award ceremony will be held before the Legend Showdown GCS Professional League Finals on October 31. Players are invited to witness the creators of the Legend Showdown. The legendary moment!

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There are more cross-border activities for players to celebrate their fifth birthday together. Participants will have the opportunity to draw the legendary girl group shape and many gifts. For the full content of the event, please see“Garena Legend Showdown” Official Fan Page

[Lazy bag for 5th anniversary celebration]

10/02-10/17 Women’s Group Sonic Project# Choose one of eight hero looks
10/14-11/07 WaVe Dream #Send Mina’s new look
10/14-11/07 Girl Group Model Collection Book#Lead Girl Group Limited Special Effects
10/28-11/07 Find out the natal hero# to lead anniversary special effects
10/31 5th Anniversary of Legend Contest#Login collar Dirac’s new look
11/01-11/21 5th Anniversary Special Linkage#One Punch Superman


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