The fire “knocks on the door” of the historic Los Angeles observatory

The fierce forest fire is near Los Angeles and burned this Tuesday a few meters from the centennial astronomical observatory on Mount Wilson, whose facilities the firefighters try to protect.

In addition to the observatory, founded in 1904 and which has a 254 cm diameter Hooker telescope with which the existence of other galaxies in the universe was demonstrated, the fire threatens some communities located in these hills, as well as the antennas of several stations of radio and television, valued in billions of dollars.

“The BobcatFire – as the incident is called – is 500 feet (150 m) from the Mount Wilson Observatory and crews are on site ready to fight the fire,” the Los Angeles National Forest Authority, in charge of monitoring, wrote on Twitter. attend the claim. Shortly before, the observatory tweeted that the fire was “knocking on the door” and that all personnel had been evacuated.

The ‘Bobcat’, which devastated an area of ​​more than 16,685 hectares, is one of 25 active fires only in California, one of the states on the west coast, along with Oregon and Washington, badly hit by forest fires. A total of 25 people have died in California so far, according to the Cal Fire authority, most in the fire dubbed the ‘North Complex’, which burns near another area devastated in 2018.

President Donald Trump visited the state on Monday and dismissed the fires as being caused by global warming, as local authorities insist. “It’s going to get cold, you’ll see,” the president said in a meeting with Governor Gavin Newsom and other officials, shortly after his rival in the elections, Joe Biden, branded Trump a “climate arsonist.”

Since the beginning of the year, 1.3 million hectares have been burned in California by the fires, which increased since August 15 with a chain of fires that left, in addition to the 25 deaths, 4,200 structures destroyed.

On the other hand, the smoke, which covers the main cities of the west, has traveled to the east coast of the country, thousands of kilometers away, like New York, indicated the newspaper ‘US Today’.


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