The first comment from Mohamed Fouad after the spread of his fake image | news

The artist, Mohamed Fouad, was exposed to an unfamiliar rumor yesterday, Friday, after the spread of a picture of him with a hairstyle that made some compare him to the popular singer Abdel Basset Hammouda, before it became clear that the image was not real and modified with photo-editing programs (Photoshop).

Muhammad Fouad responded directly to that rumor, by sending a thank you letter to his fans, which carried a hint of the rumor.

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Fouad posted on his Instagram account a short video in which he spoke to his followers: “My beloved fans, the men who are serious, respected people, who are not photoshop, I love you.”

It is reported that the forged image caused a wave of ridicule and sarcasm against Muhammad Fouad through social networking sites, and some joked about mixing Fouad and Abdel Basset Hammouda’s songs.

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