The first over-the-counter rapid tests in Germany are sold out in minutes

A health worker manipulates an antigen test.

The first over-the-counter rapid tests in Germany They have been sold out in minutes in the supermarket chain that has been selling them since this Saturday, several German media report.

The stores of the German distribution giant Aldi were offering from today, as they had announced throughout this week, packs of five rapid tests at 25 euros per box.

According to “Zeit”, in different branches of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg the tests had been exhausted minutes after seven in the morning, the opening time. Similar information has come from other cities.

German media have also released images of queues outside Aldi supermarkets, at dawn, with masks and shopping carts in the parking lots, before they opened their doors.

Aldi, which, aware of the potential demand, had limited the amount of test containers that each customer could buy, has advanced that it will replace it shortly.

The rival chain Lidl, which also began offering rapid coronavirus tests this Saturday but only on its website, suffered problems with the server due to an excess of visits.

It is expected that in the coming days other large German distribution chains, such as Rewe and Edeka, as well as the drugstores dm and Rossmann, also begin to commercialize the rapid tests. Pharmacies have also indicated their intention to sell them.

The rapid tests are, together with the vaccination campaign, a key pillar of the de-escalation strategy of the German Government. The Executive believes that the massive use of these tests will help to detect those infected more quickly and will cut the chains of infections.

Germany registered in the last 24 hours of 9,557 new cases and 300 deaths due to coronavirus in the previous 24 hours, figures slightly lower than those recorded the previous Saturday.

The cumulative incidence in the last seven days throughout the country amounts to 65.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which means that this variable remains stable. In comparison, the cumulative incidence yesterday was 65.4 and a week ago, 63.8.

In total, Germany has 2,492,079 infected people, of which about 2,299,400 have recovered, and 71,804 deaths from Sars-CoV2.

According to data this Friday, Germany has vaccinated 4.915 million people, of which only 2.410 million have received the two doses (2.9% of the population).


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