The first space hotel could open in 2027

The very first space hotel could welcome tourists to orbit the Earth from 2027. California-based company Orbital Assembly is working on this hotel, which is part of a huge spacecraft, the Voyager Station.

It will soon be possible to book holidays in orbit around the Earth. Indeed, the very first space hotel should open its doors to tourists from 2027. The Californian company Orbital Assembly is behind this ambitious project which still leaves many people perplexed. Given the current situation both at the health and economic level, some find it difficult to imagine that we could go on vacation in spaceat least in this decade.

Concept of the very first space hotel – Credit: Orbital Assembly

By the way, this is the first space hotel, but not the first space tourists. Many tourist missions are already planned well before 2027. The first is Inspiration4 which will send four tourists to Space by 2021 aboard a capsule Crew Dragon de SpaceX. Then, the second mission planned with Elon Musk’s company is that of Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. He is looking for eight people to accompany him around the moon and pre-registrations are already open until March 14th.

Will the space hotel really be ready in 2027?

Orbital Assembly doesn’t just work on the space hotel. Indeed, it is part of a huge spaceship dubbed Voyager Station. The construction of this vessel is scheduled to begin in 2025. Moreover, this is not the first time that we hear about it.

As early as 2019, The Gateway Foundation group evoked a tourist space station by the name of Von Braun Station. The launch was slated for 2025 before teams realized that such a goal was simply impossible. So it looks like the new spacecraft is an improved version of Von Braun Station, which would explain why Orbital Assembly and The Gateway Foundation work together.

In any case, it still seems unlikely that the first space hotel will be capable of opening its doors in 2027. Conceptually, the hotel looks like a gigantic ring that turns on itself orbiting the Earth. According to Orbital Assembly, rooms (available as Standard, Deluxe, and Deluxe Suite) near the Outer Ring will feel like stand on the surface of the earth.

Source : BGR

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