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Millions of fans worldwide have been waiting for it: A few minutes ago the first official trailer for “Godzilla vs. Kong” was published. According to information from Warner, the producer, the film is due to take place on March 26th. appear – “in theaters” and on HBOMax, and there only in the USA. As things currently stand it is not certain whether the cinemas worldwide and also here will be allowed to open by then, so the fun will probably only be available to Americans for the time being.

For months it was argued whether and how the film should be released at all. Warner made it clear early on that, given the current situation, they definitely wanted to get it out, and in case of doubt only online. It was even briefly discussed whether “Godzilla vs. Kong” would not end up on Netflix, which would have guaranteed a larger (streaming) audience. Now they obviously want to use it as a draft horse for the in-house streaming service HBOMax, because subscribers should be able to see it at no additional cost.

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