The four colors that indicate the intensity of a road snowfall

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When the weather conditions worsen, with rain, snow or ice on the road, caution should be taken, and take into account the recommendations of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). Drivers should pay attention to traffic signs and alerts that indicate danger of the roads, or even if they are cut to traffic due to the intensity of the snowfall.

Snow is an element that not only considerably reduces the adhesion of our tires on the road. It also limits our visibility and it can even prevent circulation if chains are not available. And it is not enough to have them, you also have to know how to place them.

That is why the DGT reminds us through its official Twitter account he color code with which it is informed how Spanish roads are passable or not:

Green color: Indicates the first level of alert, that is, when it starts to snow. Speed ​​is limited in these cases to 100 km / h on highways and motorways, and 80 km / h on conventional roads. Trucks must drive on the right lane and cannot overtake. It is recommended to avoid ports, exercise caution and be alert to the weather.

Yellow color: It is the second level of alert of the color code established for snow situations. In this case the snow already falls continuously and begins to deposit on the road, so the difficulties are greater when driving. When we find this signal on the road we must take into account that the circulation of trucks and articulated vehicles is prohibited. Cars and buses may not exceed a maximum speed of 60 km / h. As a recommendation, we must avoid abrupt maneuvers and, if we find ourselves in a curve or on a descending road, we must slow down further.

Red color: It is the third level, and, in this case, the road is covered with snow. The prohibition of driving articulated vehicles, trucks and buses is maintained. the rest of the vehicles are recommended not to drive. Do not pass immobilized vehicles if you do not have the security of being able to continue the march. It can only be driven with chains or winter tires, and the maximum speed allowed is 30 km / h.

Black color: Indicates that there is a lot of snow thickness on the road. Circulation is prohibited due to the thickness of snow or ice. There is a risk of being immobilized. If a vehicle is blocked on the road, the engine must be used, which is essential for heating. The vehicle should not be abandoned if there is no shelter nearby. In order not to obstruct the work of snow plows and rescue operations, you must park as far as possible, and if it is a multi-lane road, avoiding those on the left.

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