The funny exchange between Christine Boutin and a football fan on Twitter – Info feed – England – Abroad

Manchester City’s victory at Arsenal did not offer a spectacle only on the pitch this Sunday. A Twittos, visibly disappointed with the performance of Gabriel Jesus, expressed his wish to see the Brazilian striker out. “But really what is Jesus for?”, One could read in the tweet of this football fan. An answer to which Christine Boutin responded by confusing Gabriel Jesus with the son of God. “What have you done to stop the disasters? Jesus leaves us free and it is a huge gift. All this is the result of our cowardice, negligence, laziness, ”she replied this Monday morning with a good dose of first degree. A surely unexpected answer for “The Cheater”. The latter was keen to make things clear with his interlocutor. “I’m talking about the Manchester City player let go of my jacket and have a good day”, giving rise to a very funny exchange.


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