The future of Life is Strange would be entrusted to Deck Nine (Before the Storm)

While we recently learned that Tencent had entered the capital of Dontnod (minority however) and that a project to develop a new license was associated with it, many players have wondered what impact this could have on the franchise Life is Strange, a major creation of Dontnod. If we are to believe the statements of the always well informed Emily Rogers (Nintendo World Report), it will have absolutely no impact.

According to Rogers, Dontnod and Square-Enix haven’t worked together for a long time. This obviously appears to be the case when we observe Dontnod’s recent policy of self-publishing as was the case at the end of the year with Twin Mirror. This “separation” implies that the Life is Strange license belongs to Square-Enix and that it is therefore up to the publisher to agree on how it will be used.

Still according to Emily Rogers, the next productions stamped Life is Strange will be entrusted to Deck Nine, developer to whom we owe the intermediate season “Before the Storm”. This can be seen from a certain point of view as a gamble, this prequel having created a real rift in the community between those who liked it a lot (seeing in it a perfectly respected specifications with regard to Season 1) and those who have downright hated.

The future will tell if Emily Rogers is telling the truth and if the choice of Square-Enix is ​​the right one. Either way, the future of Life is Strange seems definitely cut off from Dontnod.

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