The general public will be able to be vaccinated in 54 centers in Wallonia

How will Wallonia organize its vaccination campaign? Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo, Vice-President and Minister of Health Christie Morreale and Walloon Covid-19 Delegate-General Yvon Englert presented the main lines of their vaccination strategy this Thursday at 3 p.m.

The authorities have indicated that Wallonia will have a total of 54 vaccination centers. The municipalities in which these centers will be deployed have been determined, but the precise location of each of these centers should only be known in about ten days.

The frontline caregivers can be vaccinated in 32 different centers: in 19 hospitals hub, with fridge at -80 degrees, which will deliver the doses of Pfizer; in 11 hospitals non-hub, which they will have Moderna doses; and finally in two major vaccination centers, located in Ronquières and Bierset, with five minimum vaccination lines each.

The grand public can be vaccinated in 54 different centers, distributed as follows: 9 major vaccination centers with five vaccination lines each, 24 proximity centers with one or two lines, and 21 mobile centers (in buses, for example).
Vaccination of the general public is scheduled from May and June and should spread throughout the summer, according to Elio Di Rupo (PS).

“Each person concerned will receive an invitation with a meeting place, date and time, linked to a unique number in order to avoid people being summoned several times. Everyone will have the possibility – online on an interfederal platform or by phone – to confirm or decline his appointment since we respect the principle of voluntary vaccination “, declared Yvon Englert, the Covid-19 delegate-general for Wallonia.

“We need a sufficiently robust system that can at the same time adapt to variations, whether in the event of an acceleration of the vaccination strategy or a slowdown,” explained Yvon Englert.

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