the government is about to fall, vaccines are not applied and the third wave, weeks away

It seems unbelievable due to the seriousness of the situation, but clashes between political leaders of the Italian government may force resign from government from the prime minister Giuseppe Conte. Although the pandemic worsens and a dangerous third wave of infections is coming that will increase the deaths even more. In addition, the essential vaccinations, the only concrete salvation from the virus, go to a desperately slow pace In most regions, when to rush them should be a unanimous national obsession.

The internal deterioration of relations between the government’s allies has produced a worrying short circuit. As it is necessary to prevent the crisis from getting out of hand and ending in the disastrous call for early general elections of deputies and senators by President Sergio Matarella in this parliamentary republic, where governments are born and die in the legislative chambers, the solution requires that the the government resigns and Prime Minister Conte is commissioned by the Head of State to form his third government in a row, with the vote of confidence of the Parliament.

This would be the result of the prime minister’s concessions to the former prime minister Matteo Renzi, which now has its own party called Italy Viva, to which 3% of the consensus is assigned. But in Parliament, where Renzi was all-powerful in his years as head of government, he has assembled a strong group of senators and deputies former members of the Democratic party, the main grouping of the center-left government. Italy you will receive a mountain of money in gifts and loans at very low interest rates and long terms for 209 billion euros from the European Union, which distributes fortunes among its 27 member countries to face the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

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Renzi, a very ambitious politician, wants control more and better the gigantic cake and also other spheres of power, such as the handling of the appointments of the heads of the secret services. So he planted a crisis with no way out unless Conte and the others give in.

In the end they gave in and now the only solution found is to open the crisis, change the government and give the deck of political balances again.

Never seen a crisis most inopportune, with the country facing a second wave of the pandemic that began on March 21 that has been more tragic than the first. The dead already total 75,680, with 348 deaths announced this Monday and 10,800 infected. The hospital system is under severe pressure although it suffers less than in October and November. But the arrival of the third wave is feared that will impact on the health structures that are slowly organizing themselves for a vaccination campaign that it must be titanic and as fast as possible, because there is no other weapon to defeat the coronavirus with certainty.

If the third wave is a tsunami (tidal wave) and comes in the next few weeks, the big mess will be inevitable. The 1500 large kiosks that must be erected in squares and strategic places throughout the country to centralize the vaccinations of 60 million Italians there, will just be installed within three or four months, if everything goes fine.

A doctor in a Covid ward at the San Filippo Neri hospital in Rome.  Photo: EFE

A doctor in a Covid ward at the San Filippo Neri hospital in Rome. Photo: EFE

Hospitals will have to give priority to thousands of patients with the virus and will not be able to dedicate their structures to vaccinations efficiently if the third wave occurs. The situation is already bad because since the end of December 480 thousand doses of the North American have arrived in Italy Pfizer, the only laboratory so far authorized by the European Community. Every week a similar consignment will arrive, which requires a great distribution effort because to preserve the vaccines they need a temperature of 70 degrees below zero, which has forced the deployment of special refrigerators throughout the country. So far the doses they accumulate.

The first groups chosen are health workers and the elderly in nursing homes. But in Italy only 62% declared to be available to the prick. And among the doctors, patients and other health personnel there are a strong minority who does not want to be vaccinated or prefers to wait to see how those who do put their shoulder to the syringe do.

There is an official scoreboard that can be consulted on the Internet, which this Monday evening indicated 120 thousand vaccinated, too low a figure. The Lombards, the largest region, maintains that from Tuesday they will march in their 65 centers at a rate of 10,000 vaccinated daily, which will rise to 15,000 next week. But in this way, 2021 can be completed without reaching 70% of the vaccinated inhabitants, some 42 million, which are necessary to gather the “herd immunity” that protects the rest.

To open schools or not, again

Another serious question is that next Thursday schools reopen and many claims of prudence are heard that prefer to lengthen the times. The problem is not centered in elementary schools, but in the last three years of high school. “It is not prudent open them now ”, warned the governor of Veneto, the region most affected by the pandemic, Luca Zaia.

The Veneto and Friuli-Venice-Giulia regions have decided to maintain the closure until the 31st in the so-called upper secondary schools. The problem is not within the school but in Mobility which produces in transportation, one of the main virus transmission plants.

Doctors and nurses in a Covid ward, in a hospital in Rome.  Photo: EFE

Doctors and nurses in a Covid ward, in a hospital in Rome. Photo: EFE

Girls and boys in the last years of high school are distressed because for months they have been forced to follow the lessons from their homes over the Internet with distance learning. “We want to get our teachers back live and direct,” protests Lucia, a fourth-year teacher in Rome. · And also be with our colleagues, who are our main friends ”.

Psychologists warn that the shock that schoolboys are experiencing it’s deep and it should concern adults.

Vaccine for Francisco

The Vatican announced that the vaccination campaign will begin in the next few days. The doses will arrive in the second week of this month in sufficient quantity to cover the needs of the Holy See and the State of the Vatican City.

A gigantic refrigerator has been purchased to hold the doses of Pfizer vaccines, shipped from the North American laboratory’s factory in Belgium.

The Vatican reported that the doses will be delivered in the atrium of the great hall of the general audiences by medical personnel and nurses from the Directorate of Health and Hygiene, to dependents, to families living within the walls of the city and to the ecclesiastics who work there. In total some three thousand people.

Among those vaccinated will be Pope Francisco, numerous cardinals and monsignors of the Roman Curia, the central governing body of the Catholic Church.

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