The government of Cuitláhuac García also leaves the CECAN without medicines

Underage patients from the State Cancer Center (CECAN) in Xalapa were left without treatment or the state government delayed their therapies for months, their relatives reported.

This is the case of Katherine, with ovarian cancer, who received her chemotherapy therapy on August 20, that is, one month after the scheduled date (July 20). This, due to the lack of etoposide and cisplatin, assured her mother, Guadalupe Irineo Pérez.

“The problem is that my daughter’s tumor grows very fast, with the first cycle it went down, but due to the delay in the second it went up again, but they did not treat her due to lack of medication. You had surgery, but it is very important that you continue with your cycles (of chemotherapy); fortunately the medicine arrived, but we do not know if it will continue to be lacking or not ”.

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The patient and her mother come from Jalacingo, but they got lodging in Xalapa to go periodically to the Cecan; in this way they insist on including Katherine in the list of children receiving chemotherapy.

Another case where chemotherapy was delayed is that of Rosa Isela Galindo, Estefanía’s mother, a patient with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and from Poza Rica.

In his case, the corresponding treatment was postponed to August, and the doctors warned him that if he did not continue the therapies, his health could be complicated; situation they are already experiencing.

Rosa Isela said that she bought etoposide, cisplatin, ifosfamide, the first one with a shortage of two months ago, so that the minor could receive her chemo.

“It was her turn on August 10, but they brought us this week, the other week, but as parents we asked if they were going to give us the medicine, for my daughter it was 10 of ifosfamide and 4 of etoposide.”

Medicines cost between 2,000 and 3,000 pesos, and that is why he asked the population for their contribution to donate.

And it is that he denounced that there is a long waiting list of children to be hospitalized due to the delay in the application of the treatment cycles, who already have some consequences on their health.

Another affected person is Imelda Velasco, Heriberto’s mother, who accused that there is no fixed date for patients to take their treatments.

In his case, the child was operated on for a tumor but requires six cycles of chemotherapy, however, despite the fact that it was scheduled for July 20, it was in this week that he received the treatment.

“As there is no medicine, he cannot be admitted and is delayed. I come from Plan de las Hayas, I have to travel to see if there is medicine, we rent a room, the food ”.

The Ministry of Health justified that the medicine that was bought was very little, and that the pandemic has made it difficult to acquire more.

“The chemo began on April 25, right now it is supposed to take all six, almost leaving, but because there are no medications we do not know what will happen.”


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