The great Belgian cold-cases (4/5): the incredible mystery of Ruelle Bonge and the 20 stab wounds given to Virginie Denis

February 7, 2014, Virginie Denis. The incredible enigma of Bonge Lane, a young woman brutally murdered with no apparent motive.

To take her service at 7 am at the Jolimont hospital, Virginie living in Anderlues got up at 5:30 am To avoid missing the 6:07 am tram at the “Jonction” stop on rue des Déportés, the student caregiver was taking the shortcut to Bonge Lane. It was in this insecure, isolated, dark and sordid path that she was killed.

The investigators very quickly believed they held the culprit. Seven years later, they are still looking for the assassin of Virginie Denis, this young mother of a family massacred by an assassin still at large.

It is Friday February 7, 2014. That morning of her last day of internship, Virginie made the least noise in order not to wake up Benoît, her companion. We can imagine that she placed a kiss on Eloise’s forehead, who is sleeping in the next room. Eloïse is 3 years old. His mother ate lunch on the go.

It was pitch black at 5:50 a.m. when the 28-year-old closed the door behind her. A bus stop is located in front of the No 77 of the Cité-Jardin du Bief in Anderlues but waiting for the transport would cause the connection to fail. Bag in hand, Virginie decides to head for the rue des Déportés stop. It’s a ten-minute affair and cutting through Fayt Street saves two. This Culot Fayt street leads to Bonge lane, narrow and unlit.

On the website of the federal police, a short video reconstructs how things could have happened. Bonnet screwed on the head, Virginie Denis quietly takes the path. A man is behind her. He approaches dangerously, gains ground. Arrived at his height, the mysterious individual takes out an Opinel. The knife has a 10 cm folding blade made of high carbon steel. The author plants it twenty times in the body and throat of the young woman.

Virginie is now lying on the ground. The attacker throws the knife close to the body, in the grass, blade open, and continues on his way until he disappears. For the film, the investigators retained the hypothesis of an attacker attacking his victim by surprise in the back. The other hypothesis is not excluded: it is that of the assassin watching for his victim, hidden in a recess.

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