The great fugue by Michel Robin

The final word

He was adorable and, besides, many of us adored him. Michel Robin died at the age of 90 from the coronavirus, announced yesterday the Comédie-Française of which he was a member.

The actor was, in a way, the quiet man of French cinema and theater. Uh… French? In French-speaking Switzerland, in the 1970s, this should have been clarified. We were convinced then, Michel Robin was one of us.

Passing for a French-speaking actor, there is no harm in that. It’s almost inevitable when you have one of your first major roles on screen in The Invitation, by Claude Goretta (1973), that you come back in Not so bad as that by the same Goretta, while passing in a lot of TV films broadcast on French-speaking television. And then, the day you play Pipe, you become a full member of the family.

The Little Fugues in 1979: Yves Yersin’s film moves the crowds. As Pipe, servant

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