“The Greatest Day” with a macabre touch at the Stadttheater Mödling

Director Peter M. Preissler lends a macabre touch to Peter Turrini’s version of “The Greatest Day” based on Beaumarchais in the Stadttheater Mödling. At the premiere on Saturday evening, the sensitivity of the principal Bruno Max for contemporary topics was once again demonstrated in the choice of repertoire.

“Don’t fall”: This inscription is emblazoned on a huge box, from which the participants will soon spring. Marcus Ganser has draped the stage with mummified dignitaries, creating a conspicuous Memento Mori. The fact that some of the staff involved seems quite moribund is not least thanks to the make-up artist Gerda Fischer. End times and decay, decline and fall of the aristocratic rulers are clearly in the air.

Hermann J. Kogler plays a perfidious Count Almaviva, who plays badly with his staid servants Figaro (Philipp Stix) and Susanne (Lena Antonia Birke). Abuse of power, corrupt judiciary and violent repression create a scenario in which only counter-violence and revolution can resist more effectively. There’s no question that this isn’t just about the historical background: there’s no need for interspersed allusions like “I love my count” to clarify associations with the unsavory political present.

Bernie Feit, in particular, stands out from the tried and tested ensemble of the Theater zum Angst, who crashes the situation as a drunken gardener, only to push mischievously and verbally lustful punch lines a little later as a cranky court clerk next to the weighty judge Stibizia (Florian Lebek). Christina Saginth as the Countess, Randolf Destaller as a professional schemer, Leopold Selinger as a crooked lawyer, Sibylle Kos, Raimund Brandner, Alduin Gazquez – they all form a weird panopticon of the underdogs involved in the games of power.

(SERVICE – Stadttheater Mödling: Peter Turrini: “The Greatest Day”, based on Pierre-Augustin Baron de Beaumarchais. Director: Peter M. Preissler, with Hermann J. Kogler, Bernie Feit, Christina Saginth, Leopold Selinger, among others. Further performances until April 17 December Reservation and info: Tel. 01 / 544 20 70)

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