The Greens after the election: does Baerbock Habeck have to give way?

She only danced one summer. And already Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has to give way to future Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck. But the bear has not yet been killed, even if the Greens and FDP in particular are already distributing the fur. It is indeed not that easy with the “government mandate”. The voter does not give orders, he chooses. He did that. What comes next is no longer in his hand. Whatever you want to read from the election results – there is neither a sequence for explorations nor a natural coalition for a new start.

Since the two main winners, with only about a quarter of the votes each, admittedly do not want to continue their alliance, the little ones, who are no longer so small, now appear very big. Habeck thinks that there is a certain logic in first talking to the SPD and FDP about a coalition; but that does not mean that one will not also speak to the Union – says the one whose Greens did not even win 15 percent.

For this disappointment in their own expectations, Baerbock is now paying the price (even if the agreement is already older), and Habeck is getting closer to his old dream. The FDP is nominally even smaller, but unlike the Greens, it has never been anywhere near 30 percent in surveys. Both of the previous opposition parties are therefore only pseudo giants – and have something to lose. They want to stand for departure and yet, according to their previous reading, they need a worn-out and a wacky partner. This is to become an alliance with “its own identity” (Habeck). To do this, both have to jump. That puts you under a certain pressure: upright in the opposition? Her followers certainly don’t want to hear that.

In addition: traffic lights or Jamaica – these are the probable but not the only options. Statesman Habeck considers a grand coalition to be almost impossible, but not without adding that all the other parties would have to be extremely stupid. That is not excluded either.


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