The harshest phrases of the first debate between Trump and Biden – US and Canada – International

In one of the bitterest debates in recent US politics, the first White House clash between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took place on Tuesday.

It was a clash full of insults, interruptions and disqualifications in which It is not clear who was the winner, since the American public is not used to its leaders being treated that way. “It was a disaster for the United States and for the democracy of this country,” several analysts agreed at the end of this first meeting moderated by Chris Wallace.

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These are some of the harshest phrases they blurted out to each other.

“The fact is, everything he has said so far is simply a lie. I am not here to challenge your lies. Everybody knows, he’s a liar ”: Biden

“There is nothing smart about you”: Trump

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“Are you going to shut up, man?”: Biden

“I have a mask, I have one right here, but I don’t use it like him, every time you see him he has a mask. He may be talking, 200 feet away and he’s wearing the largest mask you have ever seen. “: Trump

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“He (Trump) has been totally irresponsible in the way that he has handled social distancing and people with masks, basically encouraging them not to. Okay then. He’s a fool”: Biden

Do you believe for a moment what (Trump) is telling you, in light of all the lies he has told you related to covid-19? ”: Biden

“In 47 months I have done much more than you have done in 47 years”: Trump

(In other news: Walt Disney will lay off 28,000 employees for park closures.)

“It’s hard to talk to this clown, sorry, this person”: Biden

“You are the worst president the United States has ever had”: Biden

“Why did the wife of the mayor of Moscow give his son (Hunter) 3.5 million dollars? What did he do to deserve that?”: Trump

“He’s Putin’s puppy. He refuses to say anything about bonuses for killing American soldiers”: Biden

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“The radical left is manipulating you like a puppet”: Trump

“This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen”: Trump



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