The high-speed line has accelerated the development of the Bordeaux metropolis

Since its inauguration in 2017, the high-speed line takes 2:04 to reach Bordeaux to Paris.

“Now we can go back and forth during the day.” Whether they travel to Paris to work, visit family or go to the museum, most Bordeaux residents sum up the high-speed line in this way. Before July 2, 2017, it took 3:15 to reach the capital from Bordeaux. Today, the cars go at 340 km / h and connect the two cities in 2 h 04.

With one hour saved on the trip and 18.5 round trips per day in 2017, passengers are more numerous. In 2019, the Paris-Bordeaux line became the second busiest in France, behind Paris-Lyon, with 20 million passengers. Attendance between Île-de-France and Bordeaux jumped 78%. TER lines departing from Bordeaux have also gained travelers, with a 10% increase in traffic between 2018 and 2019.

The arrival of a low-cost Ouigo offer has enabled new travelers to use the TGV. “There are now as many backpacks as there are briefcases”, noted in 2019 the president

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