The horror houses of Fu Heng Village, Tai Po are crowded out | MTR is rumored to suspend fare concessions from next year | Big S said I feel calm and wish Wang Xiaofei look for a second spring | November 23. Yahoo Morning Post

morning! A horror house was discovered in Fu Heng Village, Tai Po. Some units fled in a crowded empty space. Neighbors up, down, left and right were not spared. Villagers were helpless on social platforms to ask for help. In addition, there was a rumor that the MTR would suspend the fare from next year. For the preferential treatment, MTR stated that it has done its best to bear more outside the current mechanism. As for the announcement of the divorce between Big S and Wang Xiaofei, Big S said in a calm mood and wished Wang Xiaofei a second spring. Take a look at today’s key news!

November 23, 2021 (Tuesday)

Today’s temperature: 15℃-20℃

Weather forecast:partly cloudy. The weather is cool and dry. After a while, the sky gradually turned fine and the maximum temperature was about 20 degrees. Blowing gently to the fresh northerly wind, strong winds occasionally blow offshore at first.

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Horror houses in Fu Heng Village, Tai Po, crowded out

The high-rise units of Hang Lung House, Fu Hang Estate, Tai Po, are surprised to see “Song Dingwu”! It is said that there is a suspected scavenging habit in the flats and houses. Every time a large number of people rushed to move out of the flats, rushed out of the corridors and climbed into neighboring flats, and even the upper and lower floors were affected. The scene was quite frightened, and the villagers were helpless to socialize. Ask for help on the platform page. The district councillor described Xun Ding as “too many to imagine,” and he contacted the family members of the households and they considered arranging the head of the household to live in another place. In addition, the Lutheran Transitional Housing Project “De Hui”, the first transitional housing project in Kwun Tong, began accepting applications yesterday, with a minimum monthly rent of 3,900 yuan.

Neighbors said that every time the building was cleaned, “Xiaoqiang” would rush to flee. Neighbors were forced to “shock one step at a time” on the promenade, and even walk on the corpse. The scene was disgusting.

It is said that MTR will suspend fare concessions next year

According to the plus and minus fare mechanism, MTR has reduced its fare by 1.85% this year. Together with an additional 3.8% discount, passengers now enjoy a 5% fare discount. The discount will expire on January 1 next year. It is reported that MTR will next year Start or no longer continue the fare discount. MTR responded that in response to the impact of the epidemic on the economy, it has done its best to bear more outside the current mechanism and will maintain a balance between ticket revenue and the affordability of the public. In addition, Hong Kong’s inflation rose by 1.7% year-on-year in October, mainly due to the increase in electricity costs and the price of fresh vegetables. The government expects that inflationary pressures may rise slightly in the short term.


It is rumored that the MTR will no longer provide fare concessions next year. MTR said it will strike a balance between ticket revenue and the burden of the public.

Big S said that the divorce mood is calm and wish Wang Xiaofeimi a second spring

Taiwanese actress Xu Xiyuan (Big S) and Wang Xiaofei officially announced their divorce, ending their 11-year marriage. The big S, who has been silent on the rumors of marriage change, finally said that she was “very peaceful. Divorce is our common decision.” She also wished Wang Xiaofei a second spring in the future. As for the next better man? She said she would do whatever it takes. In addition, she made it clear that both parties raise the children together.

Wang Xiaofei and Big S issued a statement through a lawyer that they had agreed to divorce.

Wang Xiaofei and Big S issued a statement through a lawyer that they had agreed to divorce.

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