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The arrival of the British fenua variant has not caused an epidemic rebound. The latest epidemiological bulletin from the covid platform notes a drop in the incidence rate (number of confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants). End of October, the incidence rate was 682/100 000 for the whole of Polynesia and 884/100 000 in the Windward Islands. It is today 22/100 000 for the whole of Polynesia and 28/100 000 in the Windward Islands, 6/100 000 in the Leeward Islands, where the epidemic persisted until then.

The situation reports mention a slight increase in the number of confirmed cases. But will patients systematically be tested? Another figure is perhaps more telling: that of hospitalizations, which continues to decline.

In total, 1,195 patients with a diagnosis of Covid have been hospitalized in all hospitals since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, including 221 in intensive care. On March 3, there were 8 hospitalizations in progress for covid-19, including 2 in intensive care.

The number of deaths of people who tested positive for covid-19 remains rather stable despite a new death recorded on Tuesday. It is to date 140.

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Rather encouraging figures. In addition to closing borders and multiple checks of rare travelers for compelling reasons, the authorities are also counting on the vaccine. Phase 2 of the campaign has started. The vaccine is available to people aged 60 and over and professions “essential” to the functioning of the country.
By the end of last week, 6,796 people had received a first dose of vaccine and 2,109 were vaccinated with 2 doses. Vaccination coverage for 75-year-olds reached 27%.

In its latest bulletin, the platform notes that “the vaccines used against SARS-CoV-2 are subject to reinforced surveillance; in French Polynesia, the Regulatory Agency for Health and Social Action (ARASS) performs this task. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to report any possible post-vaccine Adverse Effects (AEs). Since the start of the vaccination campaign 34 declarations have been made, 5 of which are still under investigation. These AEs concern 0.4% of injections performed. “

In addition, the first results of the study of seroprevalence whose objective is to estimate the proportion of the adult population (18 years and over) of Tahiti and Moorea having been infected, will be available from next week.

The complete publication of the covid platform can be found by clicking HERE

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