the industry is organizing itself against the worrying progression of avian flu in the South-West

New Aquitaine is facing an unprecedented bird flu epidemic. The Landes department is the most affected with more than 220 outbreaks detected and more than 700,000 poultry slaughtered in an attempt to stem the epidemic. The Pyrénées-Altantiques and Lot-et-Garonne are also concerned.

No outbreak detected in Dordogne to date

In Dordogne, to date, no outbreak of avian influenza has been detected but the industry is worried. This Wednesday, January 13, the prefect of the Dordogne convened the steering committee to fight against avian influenza. Numerous “bio-security” measures have been applied for several weeks already to limit the risk of contamination. A few days ago, Frédéric Périssat banned the import of Landes poultry into the Dordogne.

“A very aggressive virus”

The situation in New Aquitaine worries the Director General of CIFOG (Interprofessional Committee for Foie Gras Palmipeds). Marie-Pierre Pé was the guest of France Bleu Périgord this Thursday, January 14: “it is terrible because we are the victim of a virus which is very aggressive, which is very pathogenic and very contagious. It quickly spread to Chalosse. We do not have such a dense situation in Périgord so it is a favorable point“Bird flu is circulating much faster today than during the previous crisis in 2017.

CIFOG in favor of crawl spaces in the Landes

Regarding bio-security measures, the Director General of CIFOG believes that all protective measures have already been strengthened and that it is difficult to do more: “Our producers have invested in sheltering the animals, the transport system has been secured, the slaughterhouses have stepped up their measures. We were very robust. We also geolocated the farms to be able to provide information in real time. […] I don’t see what more we could do “.

Marie-Pierre Pé and many breeders in the Landes are in favor of a crawl space, that is to say to kill all the poultry to start from scratch and eliminate the presence of avian flu. “In Chalosse, we will not be able to clean up the area without creating a crawl space, but we must determine an outline of the area to be studied in the lace, this is what the State services are doing.“. On the other hand, the director general of CIFOG believes that it is too late to implement the vaccination of animals.” It is not deployed at the industrial level and the vaccine protects animals from a version of the virus but not others”.

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