the “invisible market” concerns two out of five recruitments

Looking for work is quite an art. There are those who apply for jobs that come to their attention, and then there are those who take the path of “ invisible market “. The latter were around 2.9 million in 2020, according to data analyzed by SmartData, the Randstad group’s data analysis tool.

This “Invisible market” corresponds, according to this study published Wednesday, February 17, to 41% of recruitments declared last year. “It is important to show candidates and recruiters that posting a job offer is not the only way to hire”, comments Patrick Vanoli, Randstad Smardata product manager.

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To arrive at these results, the investigators of the human resources service group compared the number of offers published on recruitment sites in 2020 with the number of hires declared over the same period.

Disparities according to sectors, statuses and professions

These invisible hires result from spontaneous applications or recruitments after short contracts. Administrative agent, housekeeper and self-service employee are the three professions most concerned, “More than 80% of recruitments on these profiles going through direct hiring”, according to Randstad France.

Of all sectors, tourism is the most affected by this phenomenon: seven out of ten hires would be without publication of a job offer. “This is part of the habits of these very seasonal sectors”, comments Patrick Vanoli. Conversely, the industry is little concerned because of a structural shortage of qualified profiles that companies must seek out and attract by making their offers public.

Status can also be a game-changer. Thus, for managers and intermediate professions, the labor market is more visible than for employees or manual workers, because of their “Rarity”, explains Patrick Vanoli.

For Frank Ribuot, president of the Randstad France group, “These results show that you have to be proactive in your job search”. The survey gives some advice to people looking for work: identify the sectors and companies most able to recruit by obtaining information from public and private employment actors; dare to apply spontaneously; use word of mouth to mobilize your network as much as possible and not hesitate to try your hand at temporary work.


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