the issue is not who goes to La Moncloa, but to do what

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Ana Botella, Aznar and Mañueco, this Saturday, in Valladolid.

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Ana Botella, Aznar and Mañueco, this Saturday, in Valladolid.

It’s been a long time since Jose Maria Aznar did not rally in an electoral campaign of the PP. Specifically, since the general elections of 2019. The former Prime Minister showed this Saturday from Valladolid that he had a lot of accumulated desire and returned with all the momentum to the lectern to “speak bluntly” and “say things clearly”. And most of them were to question how Paul Married is currently leading the project of the party. “I hear it said that you have to win so that I don’t know who arrives at La Moncloa, but the question is to do what,” Aznar raised in an act with the PP candidate for the presidency of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, in a direct dart to Casado and to the strategy that they make in Genoa. “The answer is that you win to build,” continued the former Prime Minister, “and building is integrating, not dividing; it is adding, not subtracting; it is joining forces, not dividing; it is designing common goals, shared purposes, and not sowing division, much less discord”. Words that implicitly allude to the conflict that Casado maintains with the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. In short, he concluded, “building is leading” in these “messy” times. Aznar, who did not name Casado at that time, was explicit with Mañueco, whom he did identify as a person who “knows how to lead.”

They choose Vox for not having “a strong reference”

There were more reproaches to the leader of the PP. The former Prime Minister underlined that in times of “noise, confusion and fragmentation” what the PP has to do is be “very clear”, “more than ever”, and pointed out what, in his opinion, is the reason for PP voters who elect Vox. “We have to be a solid reference in which to trust. There are many people who cling to supposedly cheap, easy, magical solutions, to lying and false populisms, because they do not have a strong reference in which to trust,” he lamented. Therefore, Aznar asked to be that reference and explained that this is achieved with a political project that is built from the “idea”, “reason” and “feeling”. “All of that is what you have to mix and all of that is what makes a great joint project.” Aznar emphasized that “here”, in Castile and Leon, the PP began a “success story” and with it a “reformist, focused and successful alternative to a failed socialism” was conceived. Now the protagonists “are others”, and he recited the names of Mañueco, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, Ayuso, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, Fernando Lopez Miras, “or Pablo Casado, of course”. “All of them are extremely important for this ambitious and successful project,” he stressed, in another message about the internal conflict.

“It all started with you”

Regarding the time in which Aznar conceived “a transforming project for Castilla y León first and for all of Spain later”, he stressed, “what is the same, what has not changed, what has to continue is the project, the commitment with the freedom, the ambition, the talent, the courage and the decision to risk it when you have to risk it, to face problems head on, to have well thought out solutions and to solve people’s problems”. “It is what never has to change in the PP and I am sure that this will be done,” he stressed. Aznar did not participate in the elections of Galicia, Basque Country, Catalonia The Madrid, celebrated these years ago, but now Mañueco has recovered it for Castilla y León, where the figure of the former president is a symbol that was shown this Saturday that he is “very much loved” and is devoted to him. “It all started with you,” Mañueco told him, who defined him as a “pride of the PP” and as someone who “illuminated politics” in the country. “Valladolid and Aznar, Aznar and Valladolid. Aznar: our guide, our beacon, our signal”, praised the candidate for Valladolid, Jesus Ram.

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