The Jackbox Party Pack 8: Details for the second game “The Poll Mine” published – ntower

Shortly before the start of E3 2021, the developer Jackbox Games new details for the coming Party game The Jackbox Party Pack 8 published, which has gone down a little due to the digital trade fair. The latest offshoot of the series did not receive a release date, but it was second game presented to the collection in more detail.

In the team game “The Poll Mine“It’s about finding a safe way out of an enchanted mine. An insane witch is hot on your heels and you have to eight in front of you Doors gradually open until you can successfully escape. After selection one categorysuch as B. “The most popular type of ice cream” or “The best bird”, all players on the team must decide on one of the answers given. But there is a catch: The criteria change every now and then, depending on the mood of the moderator of the game, and the most popular answer is not always sought, but sometimes only the second or third most popular.

A short one Teaser to announce the second game you can watch it here:

Should you the first presented game “Job Job“Have missed, then take a look here past. There you can find out more about it and a trailer can also be seen.

Are you looking forward to the sequel to the crazy party game?


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