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The Japanese company Casio launches its improved youth watch

Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio has launched its new G-Shock GBA900 smartwatch, with advanced functions and new features.

And the company (Casio) stated that its new watch comes with an analog interface with a digital screen, provides fitness tracking functions and a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, and has a solid and strong body, according to (Al Ain News) newspaper.

With its new smartwatch, Casio aims to meet the requirements of users who do not want to dispense with fitness tracking even without using a smartphone, and the watch counts the number of steps taken, and algorithms calculate the distance, speed and calories consumed.

The watch does not include a built-in GPS unit, but rather relies on the unit in the paired smartphone as long as it is within Bluetooth coverage.

The company (Casio) is promoting its new smart watch through the sturdy and strong body, which is characterized by shock resistance and water resistance to a depth of 200 meters, noting that the battery operation period extends to two years.

The technical equipment package includes an analog interface and a digital screen to show the date, time and stopwatch and to show incoming phone calls on the smart phone associated with the watch, in addition to the presence of lighting that is activated automatically when the wrist is rotated to look at the watch.

And Casio announced the availability of the smartwatch

(G-Shock GBA900) in white, black, blue and red.


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