The Kuomintang Taoyuan referendum preached that Huang Shixiu and Hao Longbin criticized the green camp to intimidate the people

The Kuomintang today held a referendum at the Longgang Forest Park in Zhongli, Taoyuan, and restarted the nuclear four sponsor Huang Shixiu and the former mayor of Taipei Hao Longbin to express their views on the nuclear four and anti-Lebanese pig referendum explanations.

Huang Shixiu excitedly pointed out that Taoyuan has Datan and Taichung has thermal power plants. He does not want to repeat the test. The DPP betrayed democracy and chose to continue thermal power generation. Huang said he was being closely monitored and threatened by the state machinery. He said he His remarks are to remind Xu Yonghui, Director of Nuclear Power Generation, Taipower, that if he claims that there is something wrong with the fourth nuclear plant, he will go to the District Prosecutor’s Office to report charges including malfeasance and bribery, forged documents and false publications. These are all serious crimes, he said. If nuclear four launches Datan, there is no need to expand.

Huang Shixiu pointed out that anti-nuclear interest groups are constantly skipping the needle, threatening the people’s nuclear disaster and nuclear waste. However, the impact on people’s health has not been observed since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The United Nations has also said that no one has died of cancer due to radiation in the past 10 years. However, the air pollution and waste gas from thermal power generation use the lungs to generate electricity every day. The DPP controls all the media and says that Huang Shixiu is intimidating. In fact, the DPP government is intimidating the people across the country.

Huang Shixiu said that the people should not be feared by the DPP. The United States uses nuclear power in large quantities, and Japan has restarted nuclear power. Nuclear power is the strongest building in the world. Many European countries have also stated that they will classify nuclear energy as green energy, and nuclear waste is nuclear energy. In the best case of energy, Huang Gao shouted the four slogans of lack of electricity, price increase, air pollution, and national security, calling on the people to vote for the resumption of the nuclear four.

Hao Longbin said that the DPP is a scam group. Five years ago it called the algae reefs to survive. Five years later, they would build three joints. Burning natural gas in Kwun Tong would increase carbon dioxide and go against the trend of the world. The nuclear power plant parts in Japan are also equivalent to the four nuclear issues. To restart, the DPP said that the assembled car is a deceit, and the air will be clean after the nuclear four restart; and the Premier Su Zhenchang said that the United States will be angry if it does not buy the Lai pig, but the people who import the Lai pig will be angry, and the referendum has been portrayed as In the blue-green showdown, the people have to vote for the four referendums in order to resist such fraudulent duck tyrants.

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