The lab doctor said it was unlikely. After the girl injected Pfizer and got pregnant despite taking birth control pills

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21 Nov 2021 6:16 p.m.

On November 21, 2021, reporters reported that An online case shared a post of a user claiming that he had received the Pfizer 2nd dose vaccine and missed a period for a day, so he was found to be pregnant even though he was on birth control pills. Checked on November 17

On this matter, Dr. Pakphum Dechasdin, a famous medical technologist fan page owner Doctor Lab Panda posted about such a case: This is unlikely. vaccinateThen pregnant, despite taking birth control pills, most of them are worried about vaccines, making it more difficult to have children.

There are four types of vaccines.

1. Genetic vaccines are DNA (DNA) or mRNA (mRNA) vaccines.
2. Recombinant viral vector vaccine
3. Protein subunit vaccine
4. Inactivated vaccine

Each vaccine has a different way to deal with the coronavirus. But in the end, every vaccine is responsible for building immunity against the virus. which will deal with specific proteins that are contained in the virus When it comes to protein, there are fears that the vaccine will interfere. “syncytin-1” which is a protein that is necessary for the formation of the placenta and contributes to a complete pregnancy

This protein is not a component of the coronavirus at all. Vaccination will make it difficult to have children. Therefore, there is no medical evidence that this is true. And if the more vaccinated, it will affect the contraceptive pill. get pregnant even though we’re on birth control This has no academic evidence as well. If there is a chance to get vaccinated against COVID, it should be vaccinated.

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