the Landes officially a “free zone”

The Landes have officially emerged from the avian flu episode. The prefecture announced on Thursday that the department had regained the status of “free zone”. So there is no more restrictions in breeding duck or poultry and exports may resume. There is, however, an exception for six municipalities in the department, which remain under enhanced surveillance. These are Cauneille, Hastingues, Oeyregave, Orthevielle, Peyrehorade and Sorde-l’Abbaye.

Otherwise, “the recovered free status must not obscure the imperative need to prevent any reintroduction and spread of the virus”, warns the prefecture in a press release. Indeed, “a few cases are still notified in wild and farmed fauna by Member States of the European Union (Germany, the Netherlands and Poland)”. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to “the implementation of biosecurity measures for any keeper of poultry and other captive birds. All professionals must be mobilized to collectively prevent contamination of farms and not endanger the entire poultry industry”, continues the prefecture.

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