The latest electoral records arrive in Lima from Fitzcarrald, Peru | News

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) of Peru from its Twitter account reported on Tuesday the arrival of the latest electoral records from the Fitzcarrald district, Manu province, corresponding to the jurisdiction of the ODPE Tambopata.


Pedro Castillo remains at the head of the presidential elections in Peru

“In this way, the withdrawal of electoral material in the region is completed 100 percent,” said the ONPE, an institution that also recorded that the candidate Pedro Castillo has obtained 8,620,134 valid votes, equivalent to 50,203 percent of the valid votes. .

For his part, Keiko Fujimori has 8,550,511 valid votes, which represents a total of 49.797 percent of the ballots processed. The Peruvian electoral body specified from its official website that 97,826 minutes have been processed in the country, while a total equivalent to 96,219 percent of ballots have been counted.

This institution also declared that 2,174 percent of the votes (1,880) have yet to be processed. In Peru there are 24,333,250 eligible voters and citizen participation was 18,327,142 people who exercised their right to vote.

Last Monday, candidate Castillo urged the people to “be vigilant in defending the democracy that is expressed in each of the votes, inside and outside of our beloved Peru. We cannot rest. May this historic vigil allow the rebirth of a new country ”, said the Peruvian politician.

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