The left conquers the town hall of Rome with Roberto Gualtieri –

The Romans have chosen as their new mayor the former Minister of the Economy Roberto Gualtieri, candidate of the left. He won over his right-wing rival accused of anti-Semitism, according to official results Monday based on the counting of two-thirds of the ballots.

In this second round of voting, Roberto Gualtieri collected 60.08% of the vote at this stage, compared to 39.92% for Enrico Michetti, who acknowledged his defeat. Roberto Gualtieri, 55, is therefore expected to succeed Virginia Raggi (5 Star Movement, anti-system), the first woman elected to head the Italian capital in 2016 but who was eliminated in the first round.

This result published Monday constitutes a new snub for the right-wing and far-right coalition, which brings together the Forza Italia party of Silvio Berlusconi, the League of sovereignist and anti-migrant tribune Matteo Salvini and the far-right party Fratelli d ‘ Italia by Giorgia Meloni.

After Milan, Naples and Bologna

In the first round two weeks ago, the right and the far right had already lost key cities like Milan, Naples and Bologna. The left should also win in Turin, the capital of Piedmont (north-west).

The result of these local elections, where 12.5 million Italians were called to vote, should not have any impact on the government of Mario Draghi, supported in parliament by a broad coalition ranging from the Democratic Party (left) to the League.

Rome and Turin had been conquered in previous elections by the 5 Star Movement, which suffered a sharp decline in these elections.

The poll, which took place on Sunday and Monday, was marked by strong abstention.

In the Eternal City, the countryside has been dominated by carelessness affecting transport and cleanliness, and in particular the crisis in garbage management, partly responsible for the appearance of wild boars in some residential areas.

Right-wing opponent in bad shape

His right-wing opponent’s campaign took a nasty turn last week when he was forced to dismiss charges of anti-Semitism after a left-wing newspaper released an article he wrote last year and where he claimed that the Holocaust was commemorated more than other massacres because the Jews “control banks and a lobby capable of deciding the fate of the planet”.

Enrico Michetto had also suggested that the Roman salute with the outstretched arm, used under the fascist era, be used during the pandemic because it was considered more hygienic. Without previous political experience, Enrico Michetti was until now a lawyer and a radio man.

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