The Lega Council does not postpone Lazio-Torino, which remains at 18.30 but will not be played. The College of Guarantee: ‘There will be only one degree of judgment, not three’ | First page

The Lazio-Turin case, the Lega Council has ended: the issue of the Covid protocols has been addressed and the intention not to postpone the game unanimously reaffirmed. The Lega Serie A has in fact urgently summoned the League Council to address the issue relating to the match between the teams of Inzaghi and Nicola, game scheduled for tonight but that will not be played because Turin has been blocked by the ASL and therefore cannot be present at the Olimpico in Rome: however the League has chosen not to postpone the match, the scenario could therefore be that of Juve-Napoli, with the 3-0 at the table and then the recovery after the Coni sentence.


Angelo Maietta, member of the Sports Guarantee College, spoke of a possible appeal by Turin: “I do not think there will be three degrees of judgment, but only one. For the College of Guarantee the principles are for the correct functioning of the rules. In the presence of the same cases, no federal court will be able to decide differently from the College of Guarantee”.

PROTOCOL DISCUSSED – Failed the opportunity for try to find a solution related to this match, while we have returned to talk about Covid protocols, as regards the disputes of Serie A matches.

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