The Linux Mint has found that many users do not update

Linux Mint is one of the distributions for novices and does not install updates without user intervention. On Saturday on the Linux Mint blog an article has been publishedwhich encourages users to update, at least for security ones. It was found that many users do not update.

For example, only 30% of users install updates within one week of the release. This was found after the release of Firefox 85 and traffic statistics by user-agent and Yahoo. In addition, between 5-30% of users still use Linux Mint 17, which ended support almost two years ago. 5% came from the browser’s homepage, but users can change it. Statistics of APT repositories lead to 30%. However, this number is overestimated because APT uses fewer HTTP requests in newer releases. Although the numbers are not completely accurate, it is clear that many users use outdated and vulnerable software. All users, not just Linux Mint users, should update regularly.

(source: phoronix)

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